Try a New Cuisine: It May Become Your Favorite

Three Tips For Leftovers From A Seafood Restaurant

For those that enjoy fish, a trip to a nice seafood place like Adventures Pub & Spirits can be a delightful experience. But can how can you use that leftover fish from your eat-out experience? There are a few tips that may help you to properly reheat any fishy leftovers that you take home. Avoid Using The Microwave For Fried Fish It may be tempting to use the microwave to reheat fish due to the fact that it will be extremely quick. Read More 

Sampling The Ocean’s Aphrodisiac: 3 Tips To Ordering And Eating Raw Oysters

Oysters are one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs of the world. They can be eaten in many different ways, although some would agree that oysters are best raw. When eaten raw, you can taste the natural flavors of the oyster, like its natural sweetness. If you don't normally order or eat raw oysters, here are 3 tips for when you do the next time you visit a seafood restaurant. Describe the Type or Features You Like to the Server for Recommendations Read More 

Managing Symptoms Of Crohn’s Disease: 3 Tips When Ordering Chinese Food

If you are among the 1.6 million Americans that suffer from an irritable bowel disease like Crohn's disease, you'll know that ordering takeout is not as simple as picking out several interesting dishes from a menu. You actually have to put in some thought as to what you're ordering in order to avoid irritating your digestive system and provoking a flare-up. If you absolutely love fast Chinese food, here are 3 tips you need to keep in mind. Read More 

Plan A Corporate Event Like A Pro

Planning a corporate event can be a daunting task, especially if you are not a professional event planner. But as long as you are organized and follow these steps, even an amateur can pull off creating an unforgettable experience. Determine A Theme Whether your corporate event is a team building exercise or a training, choosing a theme is the first step because all of your other choices will stem from this decision. Read More 

3 Must Try Singaporean Dishes

Although a tiny country in Asia, Singapore has a culture that has become quite distinct, despite the fact that, in many ways, it is a culture that has adopted various practices from nations around it. The arts, politics, and most importantly, its cuisine have flourished over the years. Read on and discover just a few dishes that you must try if you find yourself in a Singaporean private dining situation or among street cart vendors that are serving up delicious Singaporean dishes. Read More